Welcoming Taylor Sugar Hill to the Community

Taylor Community is excited to announce that Taylor Sugar Hill, Wolfeboro has joined the family! Learn more about our newest location.

Meet our Staff

The staff at Taylor strives for excellence in communication and availability.  The directory below will provide direct access to the appropriate staff member for your specific question or concern.

Michael300wMichael Flaherty
President and Chief Executive Officer
Direct Phone:  603-366-1219
Fax:  603-524-7162
Email: mflaherty@taylorcommunity.org



Mark Latham
Vice President of Operations and Administrator
Direct Phone:  603-366-1275
Fax:  603-524-7162
Email: mlatham@taylorcommunity.org



Ed Soucy
Vice President of Finance
Direct Phone:  603-366-1229
Fax:  603-524-7162
Email: esoucy@taylorcommunity.org



Paula Glaude
Director of Administration and Compensation
Direct Phone:  603-366-1240
Fax:  603-524-7162
Email: pglaude@taylorcommunity.org




Eliot Davis
Director of Human Resources
Direct Phone:  603-366-1212
Fax:  603-524-7162
Email: edavis@taylorcommunity.org




Kirk Beswick
Vice President of Facilities Management
Direct Phone:  603-366-1214
Fax:  603-524-7162
Email: kbeswick@taylorcommunity.org




Charlene Santoro
Vice President of  Health Services
Direct Phone:  603-366-1233
Fax:  603-524-7162
Email: csantoro@taylorcommunity.org



Hank Offinger
Care Management Director
Direct Phone:  603-366-1207
Fax:  603-524-7162
Email: hoffinger@taylorcommunity.org




Heather Bell
Care Management Nurse
Direct Phone:  603-366-1340
Fax:  603-524-7162
Email: hbell@taylorcommunity.org




Brenda Kean
Resident Life Director
Direct Phone:  603-366-1226
Fax:  603-524-7162
Email: bkean@taylorcommunity.org




Danielle Bertagna
Director of Admissions
Direct Phone:  603-366-1255
Fax:  603-524-7162
Email: dbertagna@taylorcommunity.org




Tammy Stevens
Director of Admissions
Direct Phone:  603-366-1416
Fax:  603-524-7162
Email: tstevens@taylorcommunity.org




Gretchen Gandini
Director of Development & Community Outreach
Direct Phone:  603-366-1482
Fax:  603-524-7162
Email: ggandini@taylorcommunity.org




Heather Joubert
Wellness Director
Direct Phone:  603-366-1206
Fax:  603-524-7162
Email: hjoubert@taylorcommunity.org