Taylor Connection

Taylor Connection

Start enjoying all Taylor has to offer today from the comfort of your own home.

People moving to Taylor are doing so both to experience the lifestyle today, and to have a solid plan in place for the future. But what about people who know that Taylor is in their future and want that plan in place, but who are not yet ready to move?

It is for these people that we created Taylor Connection—a contract that provides the security and benefits of Continuing Care for people who know they someday want to make Taylor their home, but who are not yet ready to move to our campuses.

Taylor Connection residents apply for and sign a Continuing Care agreement, and pay a deposit toward the entrance fee. At that point, they become Taylor residents, with full access to programs and amenities at Taylor, even while living in their own homes in the community. When the time comes and they are ready to move to Taylor, Taylor Connection residents have priority access to accommodations as they become available. They pay the balance of their entrance fee for the accommodation chosen and begin paying monthly fees upon moving in.

The bottom line: Taylor Connection is a wonderful program for people who want the security of having a plan in place for the future, but who prefer to continue to live their lives as they are today. It is a great safety net, as Taylor Connection residents, being Continuing Care contract holders, also have access to all levels of care at Taylor, should their needs change. Taylor Connection requires a deposit upon contract signing; the balance of the entrance fee is due, and monthly fees begin, upon move into a Taylor accommodation.

To learn more about the benefits of The Taylor Connection program or any of the contract options, please give us a call at (603) 366-1400.

Please note that the Taylor Connection program is only available as part of the Continuing Care Contract.

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