Welcoming Taylor Sugar Hill to the Community

Taylor Community is excited to announce that Taylor Sugar Hill, Wolfeboro has joined the family! Learn more about our newest location.

Taylor has a new bus!

We’re thrilled that the Building and Property Committee of the Board of Trustees granted us permission to replace the 1997 small bus that served us so well over the years.

The new bus is a 2010 Ford E-Series Starcraft 450 with the capacity for up to 14 passengers and four wheelchairs. The previous bus carried eight passengers. Transportation Specialist Mike Beaule said the new bus is smoother, quieter and a much nicer ride. The residents love it.

Taylor President/CEO Tim Martin said funding for the bus was aided by a generous donation from one of our residents, Rex Young. “We would like to publicly thank Mr. Young for his gift to help make this purchase possible.”

At first Mr. Young was adamant his donation remain anonymous, humble that he is. He said he feels he gets much more back from the community than he contributes. Suffice to say our residents are the true substance of our organization and our most valuable asset. Thank you Rex!

Taylor Community Transportation Specialist Mike Beaule demonstrates
the smooth operation of the bus’ lift outside of the Woodside Building.

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